It’s official, we’ve found the perfect last minute holiday gift for friends and family: our 100% Lambswool Scarves, woven locally here in Tippery, Ireland! For only 24.99, these scarves are perfect gifts for this Christmas season.

img_4389Blogger modestdeposits here and I will be purchasing a handful of these for my family and friends back at home in the United States. Here’s why I find these scarves to be the perfect Christmas gifts:

  1. These scarves make the perfect holiday gift for numerous reasons. The first reason being they are one size fits all. This means, you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong size or potentially offending someone if you do.
  2. The second reason we find these scarves to be the perfect holiday gift is their practicality. These scarves are practical because as a gift, these will be worn quite often. Due to the quality of the Irish wool, these scarves are breathable and proper in a range of different weather. Here in Ireland, these scarves can be worn about 75% of the year, in almost all seasons, and they are the perfect addition to almost any outfit. Plus, due to the quality of wool, these scarves are extremely durable and will last years and years.
  3. Another reason we love these scarves as gifts this Christmas is their timeless and classic style. You really can’t go wrong here. Whether you’re buying for your auntie, grandfather, or even 15 year old niece, these scarves appeal to both genders and all age groups. It makes these scarves as a gift, a sure win in the present gifting realm.
  4. Lastly, your friends and family will love receiving these scarves as gifts due to the high quality 100% Irish Lambswool. I’ve noticed it time and time again with the Irish wool sold here at The Donegal Shop, how overall pleasant the feel tends to be. Back in America where I’m from, you purchase wool and you always have to endure some kind of itchiness or irritation in order to reap the warmth and style benefits of wool. What I love about the products at The Donegal Shop is that all the wool is consistently soft and gentle on my extremely sensitive skin. You really can tell the quality of wool in these products and this is consistent even through these 100% Irish Lambswool Scarves. I wear them on my bare skin and only reap the benefits. I love, love, love them for this reason.

These scarves come in 20+ colors and styles in store as well as a handful of colors and styles online. See them here.


Pictured above: our 100% Lambswool Scarf in White Black and Red. See it here.


Pictured above: our 100% Lambswool Scarf in Camel/Black. See it here.

Check these scarves out on our website and feel free to email us with any inquiries at Happy Holiday Shopping!