Guest blogger modestdeposits here and this week, I’m going back to the basics with this classic Irish Wool Aran Sweater. This beautiful piece deserves its moment in the spotlight, see for yourself –


Think classic.

Think timeless.

Think this exact Aran Sweater.

Truly, my closet is not complete without this piece. Of course we all need our go to knit sweater; the one that you can wear casually, layer over or under other items, and dress up or down. Yes, this sweater satisfies the requirement of this universal staple that all men and women should have in their closet but it’s more than just that.

I love the simplicity of this sweater. It’s perfectly simplistic but only because it’s really not. As you begin to look closer, this sweater becomes anything but simple. Every single detail from the fit, structure, pattern, knit, yarn, material, collar, sleeves, etc. is planned and executed exceptionally. The sweater seems perfectly simple really, even I initially failed to notice these little details because you put this sweater on and it’s just right. It feels right. It looks right. It fits and falls on your body right. It’s easy because you know in all circumstances, in all styles, this sweater fulfills its purpose passing its test with flying colors.

Again, I have to give a shout out to this garment’s quality of wool. This sweater is not only made locally in County Kildare, but it is also 100% pure new Irish wool. This Aran sweater is exceptionally warm yet breathable and the Irish wool gives the garment a structured, shapely fall. I say this time and time again but you really don’t know this quality of wool exists until you experience it first-hand. This for me took moving to Ireland and wearing the locally sourced, 100% Irish made wool as seen in this sweater.



Pictured above: Our lovely unisex Irish Wool Aran Sweater, in oatmeal color. Numerous other colors and sizes available in store.

From me to you, I wouldn’t go another season without having this gem in my closet. For inquiries or to place an order see our website here or email us at