Guest blogger modestdeposits here and let me tell you, I am absolutely in love with this Aran jacket. I think this jacket has made me fall in love with Merino Wool. I mean look how lovely this garment is-


First, I’m obsessed with the style of this jacket. It falls perfectly and has an effortless look to it. I get the impression that it’s quite universal in its fit as well, flattering all different body types. Plus, you get two completely different looks depending on how you zip the jacket. I’m also fond of the different styles of knit design featured on the jacket. It’s the subtle details like this and the buttons that make this jacket even better.

Second, I am officially in love with Merino Wool’s softness. This jacket is made of 100% Merino Wool made in Ireland and you can tell. The quality of this wool is unparalleled. I typically would associate wool with some kind of itchiness or scratchiness, but this Merino Wool lacks both these qualities and instead is incredibly soft. The wool in this jacket is touchable and my sensitive skin found it quite pleasant.


Also, I will never get used to how warm Merino Wool is. It truly surprises me every time. I threw on this outfit on a chilly, windy 9°  C afternoon then proceeded to walk along the canal. My company was dressed in a heavy winter coat and gloves and then there was me, in my super cute jacket warm as a pug. I swear it’s not sorcery, it’s just the incredible capability of Merino Wool to keep one warm.

Any who, I’m excited to have this cozy piece in my closet this winter. I’m even thinking about gifting it to my loved ones.

This jacket comes in two colors, this dark green pictured above and a lovely light camel. See it here.