Waistcoat and Shirt15

We love to source new products, especially those made in Donegal . Last year we had the pleasure of meeting the very talented Louise Tudor-Edmonds who designs and hand makes vintage head pieces, scarves, hats and bow ties using Donegal tweeds and beautiful laces.

Under the name of Vintage Lily Makes, Louise makes amazing one off individual Donegal tweed bow-ties, with an easy to clip double edged clip that attaches easily to any shirt.


We found it had something we’d been asked for a lot lately, tweed bow ties have been particularly popular for wedding attire, matched with a waistcoat it makes a wonderfully traditional yet contemporary look.


We have just added the bow ties to our online shop, they are lightweight and easy to ship, they are a one size so it’s just a matter of choosing your tweed of choice.


AS they are one of pieces, tweed colours may vary slightly if a tie is made to order, and they may take up to one week to be made plus postage but you can see they are certainly worth it.