We are often asked by customers to care for their Aran Sweaters in the shop and online.

As the sweater is made of natural fibre, it is breathable and doesn’t require to be washed as often as a cotton or polyester sweater would.  A good airing will do your sweater good and only wash it when you really need to.

When you do choose a generic hair shampoo and conditioner , wash by hand in a bath tub or basin in cool or tepid water , wash and conditioner with small quantities of each, treat your sweater like you would your hair! Dry it naturally on a towel over a table

It’s full of natural oils after all. Some machines offer a 30* degree cycle that is cool enough not to shrink a sweater but we would always advise you hand wash or dry clean if preferable, if you trust your cleaners and cover any buttons with aluminum foil to protect them. Never ever use the tumble dryer unless you want a Barbie sized sweater.

If you mind your wool garments you’ll have them for years to enjoy.