We have been selling arans the whole year round for many years now. You would think in the middle of a balmy Irish summer, a wool sweater or cardigan would be the last thing you would have in the wardrobe, but in fact they are perfect for those long evenings in the garden when the sun has gone in and there’s a wee chill in the air.

They are also the perfect accessory for festival goers, they are warm, brreathable and they can be a little water proof! Our lightweight aran was a very popular piece for The Electric Picnic festival last year.

Roisin here is modelling a variation of the Aran Cardigan that works just as well for summer as it does for winter made of 100% lightweight Merino wool cardigan over a pair of jeans which gives a lovely casual look .This cardigan is in a cropped style and in this light grey colour suits alot of colourings and clothes.

So don’t rule out wool for the summer, think of it as your summer jacket, it’s breathable, warm and you can see how chic they can look with a pair of jeans!