We’ve been selling Grandfather shirts in the shop since we opened in 1995. Their appeal has a number of factors. They never date, they are of a very high quality and they are hugely versatile.

They have been bought as work wear, casual wear and even for weddings. A crisp white grandfather shirt looks great under a tweed waistcoat and over a kilt for that very traditional look for a wedding. For those working outdoors a flannel shirt is hard wearing and comfortable, and over a pair of jeans has a great on trend look.

Granfather Shirt

The collarless shirt gets it’s name from a time where the head of the house who was usually also a grandfather would be the main breadwinner and out working everyday, and would change the collar each day but not the shirt, before the age of washing machines & tumble dryers.

Today they are worn by all ages. We have had a lot of women buy them as nightwear or as something to wear to paint in, they’ve proven very popular with artists!

The traditional grandfather comes in 100% cotton flannel which is soft to the touch but prone to shrinkage in the first wash usually ¾%, so they seem extremely large in size but this is necessary for the shrinkage.

They also come in regular cotton in a range of colours, as well as pure linen and a cotton/linen blend.