Why we’re in love with the Aran Funnel Neck Jacket

Guest blogger modestdeposits here and let me tell you, I am absolutely in love with this Aran jacket. I think this jacket has made me fall in love with Merino Wool. I mean look how lovely this garment is-


First, I’m obsessed with the style of this jacket. It falls perfectly and has an effortless look to it. I get the impression that it’s quite universal in its fit as well, flattering all different body types. Plus, you get two completely different looks depending on how you zip the jacket. I’m also fond of the different styles of knit design featured on the jacket. It’s the subtle details like this and the buttons that make this jacket even better.

Second, I am officially in love with Merino Wool’s softness. This jacket is made of 100% Merino Wool made in Ireland and you can tell. The quality of this wool is unparalleled. I typically would associate wool with some kind of itchiness or scratchiness, but this Merino Wool lacks both these qualities and instead is incredibly soft. The wool in this jacket is touchable and my sensitive skin found it quite pleasant.


Also, I will never get used to how warm Merino Wool is. It truly surprises me every time. I threw on this outfit on a chilly, windy 9°  C afternoon then proceeded to walk along the canal. My company was dressed in a heavy winter coat and gloves and then there was me, in my super cute jacket warm as a pug. I swear it’s not sorcery, it’s just the incredible capability of Merino Wool to keep one warm.

Any who, I’m excited to have this cozy piece in my closet this winter. I’m even thinking about gifting it to my loved ones.

This jacket comes in two colors, this dark green pictured above and a lovely light camel. See it here.


The Ultimate Holiday Sweater

Dear Aran Poncho,

All I want for Christmas is you.


What’s a better wear this season than this sweater? We’re thinking whether snuggling by the fireplace, entertaining guests, or taking a stroll with the family, this sweater is the ultimate wear for this holiday season. Universal, simple, all while keeping you cozy and warm- this holiday season we’ll take two!


Shop the look here!

Any questions, email us at orders@donegalshop.ie

How to style your classic Aran Sweater

Similar to the little black dress, the classic Aran Sweater is a must have staple in any Irish closet. With any good staple piece, comes versatility and the ability to be styled in numerous ways.

We’ve partnered with American/Dublin blogger, modestdeposits, in order to bring you our favorite ways to style your classic Aran Sweater:

Style 1: Classic wear

Keep it simple by partnering your Aran with your favorite pair of jeans. This look is timeless, easy, yet guaranteed to look great while keeping you oh so warm!



 Style 2: Layer underneath

So you love your Aran Sweater, but you want to change it up a bit. Try adding layers underneath. We recommend layering a flowing tank underneath or even a classic button up with the collar peeking through the neckline.



Style 3: Layer over

You can’t go wrong by partnering your Aran Sweater with a jean or leather jacket. We also love adding layers of jewelry to give yet another look for your classic Aran.


Interested in other styling tips or wanting to purchase an Aran Sweater for yourself? Email us at orders@donegalshop.ie

Autumn Winter 2016 Shoot


We were on location in Phoenix Park yesterday for our Autumn Winter 2016 shoot , it was a windy sunny day, the long locks were flying and our models were glad of their Aran Sweaters to keep out the cold.

Delighted to showcase our suppliers new styles, some traditional takes on the Aran and some very contemporary looks such as the cardigan on Roisin just above.

The Autumn Winter collection has some new really bold colours to brighten up your winter wardrobe, all made in Ireland using Merino Wool, a soft breathable luxurious wool.

We kept some classic styles of Aran Sweaters we are excited to launch our Donegal Hand Knit Arans online next month, as well as our Donegal hand loomed sweaters and machine made ones.


It’s hard to believe we were only a mile or so from Dublin City Centre, Phoenix PArk is an oasis of calm , full of beautiful open green spaces and forrested areas , also lots of deer to be seen.


We will also have our full kilt range coming online soon, we have to say our model Shane certainly wears this outfit well!

How to care for your Aran Sweater


The best way to wash your Aran Sweater? Don’t wash it at all! Wool is full of natural oils and like our hair it is better off with the less washing the better. We are all so use to throwing our clothes in the wash after one wear , hitting the 40″ degree button and goand we have an idea what size they will be when they come out.

With wool , it needs care and attention. When you do wash your sweater, use a very mild detergent, we always suggest a generic shampoo and conditioner instead it’s much milder and it has a better chance of retaining some of the wool’s natural oils after washing.

Some Merino Wool labels state they are machine washable, use a cold wash on your machine in these circumstances.

I’ve only ever washed my wool scarves and do so in the bath, let them soak in tepid water with a bit of hair shampoo , wring out by hand and dry naturally on a towel over a table.

I’ve never washed my Aran, I use baby wipes to spot clean any marks, always wear a t-shirt underneath, I never want to change it’s look or feel.


Any questions just email us at orders@donegalshop.ie

Irish Mens Kilts Made in Dublin


Thanks to Cherish Photography for the image we got a huge response to this on our Facebook page recently and we can see why! Culturally the Kilt has it’s roots in Gaelic tradition worn in Scotland since the 16th Century and in Ireland from the 19th Century this traditional form of dress has now made it’s way to a more everyday .

Be it for weddings, special Celtic celebrations and a lot of musicians, we are delighted to stock 100% Irish Lambswool Kilts made here in Dublin by O’Neills.


O’Neills a family business are based in the Temple Bar area of Dublin in Copper Alley the historic heart of Dublin’s old city dating back to the 16th Century Copper Alley was the centre of tailoring in Dublin for the Upper Classes and Gentry. They must be the only manufacturer left there now amongst Galleries, artisan bakers and cafes and of course pubs but that’s the new part of Temple Bar across the street, you should walk through this area in Dublin when visiting.


We are also now delighted to stock Sporrans By Shyne Ltd. Oour favourite is the Celtic Leather Sporran above, for those going for the classic Kilt look. It is also extremely handy for wallets and phones!

Kilts are all a standard length of 58cm, it’s the waist measurement that denotes the size see our site for sizes and tartans available.

Royal Stewart and Blackwatch are the two most popular tartans, we have more in store email us with any enquiries at orders@donegalshop.ie

Summer Blitz Sale this weekend!

As we draw closer to the end of summer we will be having a massive summer blitz sale instore this weekend with up to 50% off some lines to make way for new Autumn Winter 16 ranges.IMG_6666

The one button Aran cardigan normally on sale for €79.99 will be reduced to €50 for this weekend only. It’s a way of us saying thank you to our loyal customers who keep returning to us over the last 21 years we have been in business.


We will also have a range of Arans available in a range of colours for €50 this weekend.



This men’s half zip in a limited range of sizes and colours will also be reduced to €50.

For our online customers, there will be an online sale on all products this weekend from Friday the 12th until the 14th just just the code PROMO at check out.  If you are in Dublin this weekend be sure to drop in and say hi we’ll be running promotions on the ground floor with lots of freebies and spot prizes!


Get your essential Festival Aran


We’ve another month of summer and festivals to look forward to . What perfect piece for your summer wardrobe than the trusty Aran. We’ve been lucky with some beautiful days in Ireland this summer but they’ve been quickly followed by wind and rain!

The Aran provides the perfect warmth you need as the evenings draw in and you want that go to sweater or poncho you can wear over everything and keep warm.


Teamed with a pair of distressed jeans it’s a great look and comfortable too, we’d be more into a pair of trainers than a pair of heels here though!

Electric Picnic will be on next month and we’ll be offering a festival special Aran for only €49.99 in our Dublin store.


Denim and Aran you can’t beat that look! Any queries just email us orders@donegalshop.com

Arans are in Vogue


Last Christmas we blogged about the fantastic British Vogue article that featured the ultimate Christmas sweater was in fact the Aran Sweater for it’s classic look and quality.

Well they have done it again and this August’s British Vogue features the very beautiful Academy Award Winning Actress Alicia Vikander in a chunky cable knit cardigan slung over her shoulders with a belt and it looks incredible.


The Aran Sweater has featured heavily in British Vogue for the last few years . Vikander an accomplished Academy-Award winning actress best known for her role in the Danish Girl has a sultry chiseled look that shows off this piece wonderfully.


Above American Vogue shoot the beautiful Kerry Countryside.

The Aran Sweater a classic forever.



McNutts Woollen Mills


William McNutts family have been looming high quality woollen products in Downings in County Donegal since 1953. All materials are sourced locally and local people are employed in the mill carrying on the skillful craft of hand looming to bring us beautiful throws and scarves we’ve been selling in store now for some time.


We love their chunky heritage tweed range pictured above, it’s what we love about Donegal the smell of the tweeds, the art of the hand loom that produces these high quality throws that once you own you’ll have in your home to enjoy for many years to come.


The Cherry Herringbone pictured above is one of our best sellers in store, a sturdy well wearing and durable throw and that splash of colour would brighten up any room!

Inspired by their beautiful surroundings of Donegal it’s not hard to see where the McNutts Woollen Mills get their inspiration from.


Beautiful Donegal it’s a magical place.