We are often asked by customers in the store how to care for their Aran Sweater. As all of our sweaters are 100% Wool (some pure new wool which is Irish and some Merino Wool ) care needs to be taken with washing them. Our first response is always don’t wash them too often (if at all!) wool is delicate and still retains some of it’s natural oils which over washing can deplete, dry out and shrink the garment.

When you do wash your Aran Sweater we suggest you use warm tepid water and a generic hair shampoo (or wool lite also ) as it is not as harsh as your everyday domestic detergent on the wool.


Gently wash your Aran Sweater in a bath tub or basis using small amounts to shampoo and then use a generic hair conditioner to afterwards, treat your Aran like you would treat your own hair, feeding the natural oils to keep it soft.

Rinse with cool water and try not to ring too much but slowly squeeze the excess water from the Aran Sweater.

To dry place your sweater on a flat surface , a kitchen table with a towel over it is ideal to soak up the excess damp from your sweater.


Some Merino Wool Aran Sweaters such as the one pictured above made in Westport by Aran Woollen Mills may say you can wash in the machine on a wool cycle on 30 degrees, we would always prefer to hand wash ourselves and it all depends on the washing machine .

If you take care of your Aran Sweater you will have it for years to come. Always leave folded in closets only hang it if you want to stretch it. Any questions just email us