The Autumn/Winter seasons are the best times of year to update your home decor and refresh your living space a little.

We’ve put together some of our favorite pieces to help you make your home that little bit cozier this winter.

The John Hanly Merino Cashmere Throw. 

We love this luxurious cashmere throw made with extra fine merino wool. It’s made by John Hanly in County Tipperary, been weaving and creating beautiful, timeless pieces since the nineteenth century. Heavier and chunkier in weight than traditional lambswool, this beautiful piece would be just perfect draped over a couch or a bedspread.

Linen Tea Towel Set
These natural linen union tea towel sets, consisting of 2 tea towels, are made with 50% linen, 50% cotton.  They feature a simple yet traditional Celtic knot design framing the towel. They make the ideal gift from Ireland for any household.

An Eddie Doherty Hand Woven Tweed Throw


An Eddie Doherty throw is something special to behold, from start to finish it takes up to a week to produce one of his throws to be completed. They are much heavier in weight than our machine-made throws and can weigh up to 2 kilo’s each of Donegal yarns that are spun on Eddie’s loom.