Similar to the little black dress, the classic Aran Sweater is a must have staple in any Irish closet. With any good staple piece, comes versatility and the ability to be styled in numerous ways.

We’ve partnered with American/Dublin blogger, modestdeposits, in order to bring you our favorite ways to style your classic Aran Sweater:

Style 1: Classic wear

Keep it simple by partnering your Aran with your favorite pair of jeans. This look is timeless, easy, yet guaranteed to look great while keeping you oh so warm!



 Style 2: Layer underneath

So you love your Aran Sweater, but you want to change it up a bit. Try adding layers underneath. We recommend layering a flowing tank underneath or even a classic button up with the collar peeking through the neckline.



Style 3: Layer over

You can’t go wrong by partnering your Aran Sweater with a jean or leather jacket. We also love adding layers of jewelry to give yet another look for your classic Aran.


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