The best way to wash your Aran Sweater? Don’t wash it at all! Wool is full of natural oils and like our hair it is better off with the less washing the better. We are all so use to throwing our clothes in the wash after one wear , hitting the 40″ degree button and goand we have an idea what size they will be when they come out.

With wool , it needs care and attention. When you do wash your sweater, use a very mild detergent, we always suggest a generic shampoo and conditioner instead it’s much milder and it has a better chance of retaining some of the wool’s natural oils after washing.

Some Merino Wool labels state they are machine washable, use a cold wash on your machine in these circumstances.

I’ve only ever washed my wool scarves and do so in the bath, let them soak in tepid water with a bit of hair shampoo , wring out by hand and dry naturally on a towel over a table.

I’ve never washed my Aran, I use baby wipes to spot clean any marks, always wear a t-shirt underneath, I never want to change it’s look or feel.


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