While we are enjoying a bit of a heat wave in Ireland this week, temperatures can not always be so reliable in Ireland. A walk on the beach can change dramatically when you are out of that sun. So while wool keeps you warm in the winter, it can also cool you down in summer. Merino Wool in particular can act as a temperature controller by aligning with the body’s natural temperature. Merino Wool can absorb moisture away from the body resulting in less perspiration and more cool!


Our Super Soft Merino Wool range from Carraig Donn is a great example of this, providing great softness from it’s gentle Merino Wool fibres , keeping the heat in when it needs to and absorbing the bodies moisture when it need to do that too. Wool is pretty amazing fibre considering it literally breathes with you.

In  a practical manner it also absorbs odors ,making it the perfect garment for hill walking or the out doors. When customers in the shop ask us how to care for their sweaters we often tell them to “air” their sweater instead of washing, but when they do wash them to use cool water and a generic hair shampoo and conditioner and to dry flat on a table.


The Aran Islanders wore their Aran Sweaters in every possible climate for it’s incredibly versatile qualities. Any questions on how to care for your Aran just email us at