While in the hairdressers recently, I was flicking through magazines past all the ads and looking for an article in The British edition of Vogue when I came across a fantastic article all about the Aran.


“The deliciously cosy, creamy coloured cabele-knitted sweater that whispers good taste – and this season no-cold winter wardrobe should be without one”.


According to Michael Kors it has “it has stood the test of time because it’s chic and practical “. The Michael Kors autumn collection featured an Aran with elbow-length sleeves and a Peter Pan collar.


A favourite in the Fifties and Sixties endorsed by Grace Kelly and Steve McQueen………..


Originating in the Aran islands, the cluster of islands off the West Coast of Ireland, winters were and are still harsh, fishing was the major source of income for the islanders and the local women hand knit Aran Sweaters to keep the fishermen warm and protected. At that time they were made from 100% untreated wool which still contained the lanolin making it quite water resistant.


Very few fisherman could swim, many families had their own distinct combination of stitches that identified family names so fishermen could be identified should they be lost and drowned and sea.


Thank you Vogue for a wonderful article on an Irish legend.