Eddie Doherty Handwoven Tweed Throws


We love selling genuinely Irish made products , but particularly from Donegal. Eddie Doherty a weaver from Ardara in County Donegal learnt the art of handweaving when he only 16 years old. 

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Now, 40 years and two long stints with large Irish fabric companies later, he uses Donegal wool to handweave pure wool blankets and tweed at his home in Ardara.

Using a loom of which there are only 2 in operation in Donegal , Eddie weaves the most amazing Donegal Tweed throws.

Eddie has a lovely shop where you can see him weaving his beautifully made tweed throws as well as waistcoats and capes and scarves. Each large throw can weigh up to 2 kilos and can take a number of days to make.


We find the earthy browns and greens to be most popular colours in the throws.


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