The Aran Cardigan is a classic that has been changed many times to suit fashion and trends, but the original cardigan is something people will always come back to. It’s an ageless piece, and we’ve enjoyed the age range it has attracted, from the young hipster to the more mature lady let’s say!

Aran Cardigan

The classic Aran Cardigan encompasses the most famous Aran stitches such as the cable, diamond and honeycomb stitch. The cable which was originally used to represent a fisherman’s ropes, and wearing one would better qualify you to have a fruitful day out at sea. The diamond stitch is used in hopes of good luck, success and wealth in the fields of the Aran Islands. The honeycomb stitch represents the hard working bee and it’s one of our favourites, it’s the trademark stitch of the Aran, on the cardigan, this is usually on the back in the centre and makes for a very flattering style.

Originally, leather buttons were used on the Aran cardigan, however, these have proved difficult to source in recent times, a synthetic hard wearing version are now more common. The dark brown colour contrasts very well against the natural cream wool.

In recent years the One Button Cardigan shown here , in merino wool has made a big impact, and proved extremely popular for those who wanted a more contemporary look to the Aran Cardigan , with one large button at the top of the cardigan , encompassing the cable, diamond and basket stitch, with one hidden button inside the style suits all shapes and again is extremely flattering. We shown it here in the natural cream, and it also comes in a range of bright colours on