We have been selling grandfather shirts steadily since we opened the shop in 1995. Hailing from Lee Valley in Cork, the collarless shirt gets it’s name from the oldest working member of the family.

Made using either 100% pure cotton or 100% pure flannel cotton, linen and cotton/linen mix. The flannel cotton is extremely soft to the touch, very comfortable to wear has proved to be the most popular style, particularly the blue and white stripe known as the LV2. The flannel shirts have buttons going only half way down the shirt giving them a distinctive look, and are one of our best selling online products.

The other cotton shirts come in a series of different stripes and tartans with the full button look.

New to the range are the natural coloured 100% linen and cotton/linen blend which are proving to be extremely popular.

The shirts are of an extremely high quality, and customers who buy them tend to come back year after year and stock up, either as casual wear or for work wear due to their high durability.

We also stock the flannel nightshirts, just picture a scene from the Scrooge film! Exactly the same style as the the shirts but are full length to the ankles, available in a range of tartans.